After what seemed like a lifetime, the Luke Seymoup Band is back on record for the first time since 2017's debut album "The Professional." Our second full-length LP "Tales of Suburban Angst" is releasing on February 21st. You can pre-save it on streaming services and pre-order the vinyl RIGHT NOW! Our goal was to create an all-time Australian classic. Something that will be mentioned in the same breath as “Hourly, Daily”, “Vulture Steet” or “Roll On”. Throughout the decades, thousands of songs and records have been written about Melbourne’s inner suburbs. The streets of Fitzroy, Brunswick, Collingwood and Richmond are familiar images to listeners who have never visited the city. On "Tales of Suburban Angst," we're changing this. There is a chaotic beauty to the furthest reaches of Melbourne that many will never experience. “Tales of Suburban Angst” takes you from the heart of the city to its furthest reaches. “Tales of Suburban Angst” was recorded by me in my home studio, with drums tracked at Echidna Studio (Tash Sultana). It was mixed and mastered by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios (Amends, The Whitlams, Genesis Owusu). It is available on Spotify, Apple Music and all good digital retailers from February 21, 2022. Pre-save it on your service of choice now:

The album is available on translucent blue vinyl. This will ship the week before release. It also comes in a number of bundles with Seymoup T-Shirts. You can pre-order it for Australian/worldwide shipping through Bandcamp here:

The album will be distributed through Smash Mouse Records in the UK/Europe. You can pre-order it through their store here:

We are so pumped to share this album with you! There are lots of cool announcements to come in regard to the album so make sure you keep your eyes peel here and on socials. For a taste of the album, 'Paint' drops on streaming on Monday. Don't miss it! Stay bad, Moup

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I'm stoked to bring you the premiere of 'Friends Fall Apart', which will be live tomorrow (Sep 6th) on all your favourite streaming services. This is the second Luke Seymoup Band single since our triumphant return to recording and we're stoked to share it with you!

This song is about fighting your way down Sydney Road, Brunswick in the pouring rain. You pass speeding cars and people screaming at each other, but you have to make it in the pub to help a friend through a hard time.

I love country music and this song is a big injection of that into our usual sound. Our first Farm Emo song, if you will. It's equal parts Lucinda Williams and Alkaline Trio. Hope you dig the sound!

'Friends Fall Apart' was recorded by me, with drums tracked by Greg at Echidna Studio. It was mixed and mastered by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios. Artwork by Joseph Ling Graphic Design and photography by your Main Moup.

Listen to 'Friends Fall Apart' below:

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