Hey everyone!

I'm stoked to announce that my song "Average" is premiering right here, right now.

This song is about the immense waves of self-doubt that haunt independent musicians, or anyone embarking on a creative endeavor. It's about trying to fight the unjustified belief that whatever you do won’t stack up to your influences and the constant to get it in front of people. Ultimately overcoming the feelings of being “average” in order to accomplish what you set out to.

This is my first release to feature the Seymoup Band since ‘The Professional’ back in 2017. If you've missed hearing Marty smash the tubs, Rhys thump the bass and Bren wail on the keys, this is the tune for you!

The song was recorded in my home studio (with drums tracked at Echidna Studios) and mixed/mastered by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios (Nerdlinger, Vetty Vials, The Suicide Tuesdays). It is streaming from tomorrow (Aug 2nd) on Spotify, Apple Music and all good digital retailers.

Check it out below:

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  • Luke Seymoup

Hey all!

At the request of the Moup Group, 'Highlighters' is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all your favourite streaming networks.

This is another track from 'Songs I Wrote In High School.' It was originally written in 2007 and was performed by my teenage bands Starlight Raygun and The SaraCasanovas before sitting in that disused A4 binder for over a decade. It's a blast of energy that lasts only 1 minute and 20 seconds, so you can easily listen to it 3 times in the time it would take to hear one song. How's that for efficiency!

You can stream it at the following links:

Spotify -

Apple Music -

Amazon -

I also knocked up this cool cover art for it which I'm pretty stoked on:

Remember, you can hear the full 'Songs I Wrote In High School' record by joining the Moup Group here at and on Facebook at

That's it for now! Stay spooky,


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