• Luke Seymoup

Welcome to THE MOUP GROUP!

Hi everyone!

I am beyond stoked to announce the newest addition to the Seymoup Expanded Universe... The Moup Group. This is part fan club, part mailing list and part social group, which you can sign up for right now!

To celebrate the birth of the Moup Group, I've recorded two exclusive EPs: "Songs I Wrote In High School" volumes 1 & 2. These won't be streaming anywhere else. These records are made up of songs I wrote between 2006 and 2008 with the intention of performing them with my teenage bands The Bollocks and Starlight Raygun. I feel like I've finally brought them to life in the way my 16 year old self would have hoped. I'm beyond stoked with the way they've come to life!

You'll receive each completely free when you sign up for the group. By joining, you'll find out about Seymoup news before anyone else, as well as receiving exclusive music and merch.

To receive volume 1, sign up for the mailing list at: or via the form on my website.

To receive volume 2, join The Moup Group on Facebook at:

I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my music and I'm thrilled that people are excited to come along with me!

Catch you on the other side,


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